Friendship matters


Friendship is precious Keep it Protect it You will need it                                                                                                                Don’t throw it away Don’t break it keep it somewhere                                                                                                                    in your heart if you want to. Somewhere in your thoughts                                                                                                                but keep it for friendship,friendship has no borders it is the                                                                                                          colour of the rainbow and it has the beauty of a dream never                                                                                                         listen to those who say it doesn’t exist any more .                                                                                                                  

By Ellie and Holly c

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To viewers

We have just started our play,Hoodwinked it is about Robin Hood is Dennis , Maid Marian is Mollie and the wicked Sheriff is Finley.

Me,Oliver.E and Holly.C are narrators which have parts between 2 and 9 lines.


Winnie.W and Oliver.E ;

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2016 Class 3 Summer Play

Our summer play  this year is Hoodwinked. The play is going really well at the moment,

here are all the names of the songs

Song 1 Out in the Forest

Song 2 Are We Happy?

Song 3 Robin, Robin Hood

Song 4 Amen, Amen

Song 5 We Are Maid Marin’s Ladies

Song 6 What A Man

Song 7 I’ll Make Them Pay

Song 8 Robin Of Locksley

Song 9 Marian’s Lament

Song 10 Stop The Fighting

Song 11 Out In The Forest ( Finale)

By Mollie

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One of the best student teacher in the world.

In class three we had a student teacher come in and teach us and she been lovely kind and we learnt new ways of doing maths and she been teaching English and it’s been GREAT so this would be the last week with her so I want to be the BEST week yet and it have been so great and fabulous thank you for teaching us!!!!

By Ellie Sunley

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Passing Pluto

New Horizons spacecraft<br>Undated handout artist’s impression.

On the 14th July 2015, the New Horizons spacecraft passes Pluto. I am very interested in these events so I am excited. There are already new images of Pluto, and the mission will help scientists learn more about the edge of the Solar System.

By William and Tobias

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Pirates vs Mermaids

Class 3 is doing a play called Pirates vs Mermaids.
The songs that we are doing are called:

1.Me Hearty High
2.We don’t like mermaids
3.Avast Ahoy
4.I’m a parrot
5.Out of your league
6.Pool Party
The four main mermaids are Atlantis, Neptuna, Scampi & Chips & the mermaid boss.
The four main pirates are Ace, Scar, Gangrene & Cap’n Scarypants.
By Holly and Rosa 🙂

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Our year memories

Cardiff castle

I remember when the year 4’s and the current year 5’s went to Cardiff Castle.

Image result for cardiffcastle

Making our roman shields 

I also remember when we made our roman shields with the year 5’s .

Image result for roman shield

This was fun!!

Country dancing (when we were year 3)

I remember when we did the flamborough  sword dance it was a lot of fun!

Image result for flamborough sword dance primary schools

Aladd-in trouble 

I think that that play was definitely the best and it was very fun.

Image result for aladdin trouble alladin

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kilve court


When were at Kilve I  HIT A BUSH and there were stinging NETTLES AND IT HURT I WAS LEFT WITH RED MARKS ON MY FACE

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transfer day by Chloe and Esmae

On transfer day yr 4 went to Hugh Sexeys . So yr 3 was yr 4,  yr 2 was yr 3,  yr 1 was yr 2 and reception was yr 1.




thank you


by Chloe and Esmae

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Sports day

On 2.7.15  was our sports day and there was four house teams that were red, blue, yellow and green. Blues won, reds came 2nd, greens came 3rd and yellows came last. We did hurdles, egg and spoon, running, obstacle course and a relay race. Alfie

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